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Timelapse Moab 2016 from Ron Risman on Vimeo.

A collaborative film from this Timelapse Moab 2016. Timelapse Moab is an annual timelapse photography workshop held in Moab, Utah. This year 26 photographers from all over the country gathered in Moab, Utah to learn how to best capture and create landscape and night-sky timelapses. The workshops consist of classroom sessions on pre- and post-processing as well as daily on-location shooting in some of the most beautiful areas in the country. The workshops are held around the dates of a new moon and in locations known for having the darkest skies in the country.

This fall, from September 25-30th, 2016, this timelapse workshop will be heading to Southern Utah & Northern Arizona - giving photographers access to the most incredible scenery as they learn advanced timelapse skills - in class and out in the field. Only 12 spots are being made available for this workshop and less than that are currently open. Head on over to to check availability and to register for this workshop.

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