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Olympus E-510 Digital SLR Review

Review Summary
Reader Score: 6.99 (out of 10)
Hands-on Preview: "The Olympus E-400 was announced on the 14th September 2006, just before the Photokina show in Cologne, Germany. At the time there was much excitement about this compact and lightweight camera however this turned to disappointment for many of our readers when we discovered the camera would not be available in North America. Fast forward six months and we have the solution, the new E-410, gone is the Kodak CCD replaced with a (Matsushita) Live MOS Image Sensor which can provide Full Time Live-View on the LCD monitor, an updated image processor and a few other added features. So finally an affordable, compact, lightweight 4/3 digital SLR for everyone, including those who live in North America."

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Other Reviews For This Model

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Imaging-Resource 10.00  08-08-07 Read Full Review
Review (Summary): "As with the E-410 model it is announced alongside, the Olympus EVOLT E-510 offers rather more "traditional" styling than some of the past EVOLT line, but the two don't share identical bodies. Instead, the E-510 is a few millimeters wider and offers a significantly deeper handgrip that adds to the camera's thickness, and offers a more comfortable hand-hold. The larger body also allows more room to fit in a larger battery, with an attendant increase in battery life as compared to the E-410. ...

... Overall, I had a better experience with the E-510 than the E-410, turning my initial impression of each upside down. I was sure I'd prefer the E-410 for its small size, but the E-510 won me over with its greater utility and image stabilization. The E-510 has a better tone curve than the E-410, though it could still be better. I had fewer difficult images with the E-510, so I feel better recommending the camera to those who will be tweaking their settings and images anyway. ..."

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Megapixel.net 10.00  09-18-07 Read Full Review
Review (Summary): "he Olympus E-510 is a new and more advanced version of the E-410. It retains most of the latter's characteristics - a 4/3 10 megapixel Live MOS sensor, a Zuiko Digital lens mount and a 2.5-inch monitor that offers Live View — but adds a built-in image stabilizer and other internal features. ...

... The Olympus E-510 is an excellent amateur dSLR. It fits nicely just above the E-410 and its slightly higher price is easily justified by its additional features. The kit lens -- the one used in this review -- is of good quality, but the auto focus of the E-510 would likely perform even better with a slightly brighter lens such as some of the high quality lenses manufactured by Olympus. ..."

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DPReview 9.50  11-24-07 Read Full Review
Review (Summary): "Although the E-510 has much in common with its little brother (Note: E-410), including an all-new (Matsushita) Live MOS Image Sensor that can provide Full Time Live-View on the LCD monitor and an updated TruePic image processor, it is a considerably more sophisticated tool with some important extra features. Key amongst these is a sensor-shift image stabilization system and more sophisticated external controls, though are also numerous minor feature differences too.

... It's great to see Olympus finally introducing models that deliver on the Four-Thirds promise of compact, affordable, high quality digital SLRs, and the E-510 (along with its ultra compact sibling the E-410) show that the system has far more potential than many observers give it credit for, particularly in this 'entry-level to mid-range enthusiast' sector of the market. ..."

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Trusted Reviews 9.21  07-27-07 Read Full Review
Review (Summary): "Like most people I had been expecting the E-510, as its model number suggests, to be little more than a 10-megapixel upgrade of the entry-level E-500, but in fact it is far more. ...

... The Olympus E-series continues to get better and better. The E-510 is a superb photographer’s camera, offering superb handling, outstanding performance, a huge degree of control and first rate picture quality, in a compact and robust package and at a price which comfortably beats most of the competition. It is without question one of the best semi-pro DSLRs currently available, and a genuine pleasure to use."

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DigiCamReview 9.00  07-10-07 Read Full Review
Review (Summary): "...the Olympus EVOLT E-510 is currently Olympus' top of the range Digital SLR, it features a 10 megapixel sensor, a 2.5" screen, a 3x optical zoom Zuiko Digital kit lens, all the usual features so far... except the E-510 features a 10 megapixel LiveMOS sensor, this allows a live view to be viewed on the screen. It also features built in sensor based image stabilization, Olympus Super Sonic Wave Filter (dust reduction), dual slot memory compartment, and a whole heap of shooting modes. ...

... The camera has excellent responsiveness, as you would expect with a DSLR, and has a fast continuous shooting mode and fast flash recharge. The camera comes with features and modes to suit the beginner all to way up to professional photographers, and is currently the cheapest Digital SLR to feature Live View and Image Stabilization. Photographers will be very happy with this camera.

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CameraLabs 8.40  06-18-07 Read Full Review
Review (Summary): "The Olympus E-510 is a feature-packed 10 Megapixel DSLR based on the maturing Four Thirds standard. Announced alongside the tiny E-410 in March 2007, the new E-510 packs in a raft of features which include anti-dust, Live View, and built-in anti-shake facilities which work with any lens you attach; indeed it's the very first Four Thirds DSLR to feature built-in stabilization. It's a powerful feature-set, and priced competitively against rival 10 Megapixel DSLRs. ...

The Olympus E-510 certainly has a great deal going for it: anti-shake, Live View, the most effective anti-dust system around, and decent kit lens options. The image quality is also very good, and by reducing the noise filter and sharpening settings, it can get a whole lot better. ..."

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Photography Blog 8.20  08-07-07 Read Full Review
Review (Summary): "The Olympus E-510 is a compact DSLR camera featuring Live Preview, which allows you to frame your shot using either the optical viewfinder or the 2.5 inch LCD screen. The E-510 boasts a built-in image stabilizer in the camera body which will help to counter-act the effects of camera-shake in conjunction with all Olympus E-System lenses. Based on the Four Thirds Standard, the Olympus E510 replaces the E-500 and features a a new 10 megapixel Live MOS sensor. There's also a new image processing engine which provides sequential shooting at up to 3 frames per second with an eight image RAW buffer in burst mode. ...

So, the question is, is the Olympus E-510 worth the extra money over the E-410, which offers many of the same features including an identical 10 megapixel resolution? In terms of ergonomics, the E-510 feels slightly more comfortable to handle due to that nicely rounded grip, but then the trade off is a slight larger physical bulk than the E-410. The other advantage with the E-510 is built-in image stabilization, which ensures that any attached lens becomes immediately stabilized. ..."

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letsGoDigital 7.86  10-10-07 Read Full Review
Review (Summary): "Olympus is making waves with the digital SLR cameras. The models are quickly being improved and renewed. We still await the successor of the E-1 (Olympus E-3), but the Olympus E-510 D-SLR gives us a taste of what is to come. The Olympus E-510 is the successor of the E-500, which was released more than a year and a half ago. The changes made to the E-400 in the E-410 were minimal, but the Olympus E-510 digital SLR is truly different from its predecessor. ...

... All in all, the Olympus E-510 is a very good D-SLR camera. It has a nice and solid build, good image quality and it is easy to use. In addition, the camera is fairly compact, it features Live View, and is part of the FourThirds System so that you can mount a large number of lenses. ..."

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Digital Camera Info 7.36  07-31-07 Read Full Review
Review (Summary): "As the flagship of Olympus' DSLR lineup, the EVOLT E-510 comes with a hefty set of features. The E-510 woos serious hobbyists with 10 megapixels, built-in optical image stabilization, dual CompactFlash and xD-Picture card slots, and a dust reduction system that keeps the sensor clean even when lenses are constantly changed. ...

... The 10-megapixel Olympus EVOLT E-510 is a decent DSLR but it shouldn't be bought solely for the novelty of having the live view LCD screen. Rather, it should be considered based on the merits of its nice design and handling, manual controls, and dual media compatibility. ..."

Web Site Review Score Date Added Go To Review
MacWorld 6.80  08-09-07 Read Full Review
Review (Summary): "While many digital SLRs priced under $1,000 are compromised in terms of features, Olympus is bucking the trend with its Evolt E-510. This 10.2-megapixel camera, priced at $900 with a standard lens, is designed for the photo enthusiast who has a basic sense of photographic technique and wants a camera that can handle almost any situation. And while its depth of features might be a bit daunting to some, overall the E-510 is a solid, flexible camera that takes very good pictures under most conditions. ...

Features wouldn't be worth much if the E-510’s pictures weren’t of high quality, and Olympus didn't disappoint here either. Color fidelity and saturation were very good, and the E-510 was able to handle most shooting conditions easily. ..."

Web Site Review Score Date Added Go To Review
DCResource 6.40  07-23-07 Read Full Review
Review (Summary): "The Olympus E-510 is an entry-level digital SLR that is the "big brother" to the E-410 which I recently reviewed. For an additional $100, the E-410 offers all of the things that made the E-410 impressive (and, in some cases, not impressive) and throws in image stabilization, a larger grip, better battery life, and more. ...

like the Olympus EVOLT E-510 -- much more so than the E-410. That's not just because I like the larger grip, either. I like the optical image stabilization (on every lens), improved battery life, and the extra features (mostly custom settings) that were not found on the E-410. ..."

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