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Kodak EasyShare Z650 Review

Review Summary
Reader Score: 7.29 (out of 10)
Hands-On Preview: "Kodak apparently strained to hit its price point with the EasyShare Z650, leaving out image stabilization and skimping on the LCD in favor of the lavish electronic viewfinder. We think that the real problem with the camera is its lack of custom white balance – the only piece missing from a very good manual control implementation and a Kodak Color Science Chip.

Still, the fundamental impression we take away from the Kodak EasyShare Z650 is one of sharp, low noise images, good color, and a very straightforward user interface. So far it looks promising; check back to see if further testing results seal the deal."

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Other Reviews For This Model

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LetsGoDigital 9.00  05-20-06 Read Full Review
Review: "The Kodak EasyShare Z650, a new super zoom digital camera was launched at the beginning of the year. The camera is a new model in the EasyShare Z series of digital camera. The Kodak Z650 is equipped with a Schneider Kreuznach optical zoom lens. The zoom lens has a 10x zoom range with an optical range of 38 - 380 mm (comparable to a 35 mm format camera). In practice it is great to work with: a fantastic wide-angle and generous tele range. An all round optical range, in fact.

We can be concise about the final results: they are pretty good. The image quality is good and the automatic white balance generally works well. The colours look realistic and powerful and the portrait setting also gives good results with very natural skin tones."

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Trusted Reviews 8.00  09-12-06 Read Full Review
Review: "Around this time last month I reviewed the Kodak P712, a 12x zoom, 7.1 megapixel high-end camera costing around £300. This week I've got its kid brother on the test bench. Where the P712 was aimed at the enthusiast photographer market, the EasyShare Z650 (what is it with naming cameras after motorbikes?) is pitched a little lower, at the point-and-shoot snapshot market. It's a bit too big to be considered a pocket compact, but for the holiday snapper looking for a little more versatility it seems like the perfect solution.

The Kodak EasyShare Z650 is something of a Curate's egg. While it does have some fairly serious flaws, it does offer a lot of image quality and zoom power for a very low price. The slow performance, lousy video mode and limited range of features are a downside, but you'd have to go a long way to find a better 10x zoom for under £160."

Web Site Review Score Date Added Go To Review
DPReview 6.33  04-27-06 Read Full Review
Review: "Announced at CES in January 2006, the EasyShare Z650 replaces the Z740 at the top of the Kodak's affordable super zoom range, and offers a lower cost, lower specified alternative to the 'professional' P850. The changes over the previous model are fairly modest; the pixel count increases from 5 to 6MP and the lens is now a Schneider Variogon (as opposed to the Z740's Kodak Retinar) - though it looks suspiciously similar.

Taken on its own the Z650 is a perfectly good camera, one capable of perfectly good results, and one that offers perfectly good value for money. Unfortunately perfectly good just isn't enough in a market this competitive, and the Z650 suffers by comparison to some of its competitors, and because in attempting to 'dumb down' the feature set of the DX line Kodak cut too many important features without offering much in exchange."

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Digital Camera Info 6.00  06-04-07 Read Full Review
Review (Summary): "The Kodak EasyShare Z650 is an addition to the "Z" series that boasts a 10x optical zoom lens, accessory lens and filter capabilities, and a number of manual and preset controls as well as an interface friendly to the novice user. ...

The Kodak EasyShare Z650 brings a lot of features and controls to a compact SLR-inspired digital camera that pairs a simple and understated camera interface, and menu system with more advanced manual control. The advantage to this pure point-and-shoot camera is that it allows the beginner room to grow without needing to buy a new camera once the restrictions of full auto mode become too limiting. ..."

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Imaging-Resource 1.50  06-15-06 Read Full Review
Review: "The Kodak EasyShare Z650 Zoom updates the previous Z740 with a 6.1 megapixel sensor, a two-inch LCD, live histogram and three more Scene modes. It features the same 10x optical zoom lens in a mini-SLR form factor with that provides a full range of exposure modes and EasyShare simplicity. The only thing missing from this $349.95 package is image stabilization.

The Kodak EasyShare Z650 brings the renowned EasyShare simplicity and ease of use to the long zoom format, balancing the full complement of exposure modes with 17 Scene modes. The 6.1-megapixel CCD captures high resolution images that make sharp 11x14 prints. The Kodak Z650's color should appeal to most consumers too, as it's very bright and vibrant (a good bit more so than the original subjects), yet it doesn't oversaturate delicate skin tones."

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CNET Reviews -----  07-06-06 Read Full Review
Review: "You'd expect Kodak to cut some corners with its budget-conscious superzoom, the EasyShare Z650, and you'd be right. Unlike the more expensive Kodak EasyShare Z612, which includes a 12X optical zoom lens with optical image stabilization, the EasyShare Z650 comes with a 10X optical, 38mm-to-380mm (35mm equivalent), f/2.8-to-f/3.7 lens without image stabilization.

Casual snapshooters who need a long zoom lens might be happy with the Kodak EasyShare Z650, though if you plan on shooting in lower light, you'll likely want to look for a camera that has less noise at higher ISO, such as Canon's PowerShot S3IS, or at least step up to a Kodak with image stabilization, such as the EasyShare Z612."

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