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Kodak EasyShare P-880 Review

Review Summary
Reader Score: 7.93 (out of 10)
The Kodak EasyShare P880 is the latest in a long line of digital cameras that has proven popular and very user-friendly throughout its history. Kodak's EasyShare line of digital cameras live up to the "Easy" part of their name, as they're among the simplest and most goof-proof to operate out there. While still retaining good ease of use in full-auto mode, the Kodak P880 steps out into relatively new territory for Kodak, as a credible effort at a true enthusiast camera, offering full exposure control, an excellent lens, and both a hot shoe and threaded PC-sync socket for use with an external flash, increasing rarities these days.

The P880 offers just about every degree of exposure control that more advanced photographers could want, but also maintains a healthy selection of automatic and preset shooting modes for novices. Plus, the P880 continues with Kodak's popular EasyShare features, including printer and camera dock compatibility, the Share menu for tagging images for printing, downloading, and emailing, as well as the Favorites mode for saving a digital photo album - All features that make for a great user experience, whether you're a novice or expert.

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Other Reviews For This Model

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Think Camera 9.50  08-31-06 Read Full Review
Review: "Part of Kodak's bridge camera range the P880 has an ultra wide zoom lens and a whole host of features that you might expect from a DSLR. There's an eyepiece viewfinder as well as a large LCD screen and even a dedicated hotshoe to attach an external flash.

Image quality is up there with the best and it has more features than you could shake a stick at. However, if you start comparing it to a DSLR then you will probably be disappointed. The speed of operation is decent for a bridge camera but seems glacial next to even an entry level DSLR..."

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Megapixel 8.25  12-14-05 Read Full Review
"Featuring an 8-megapixel resolution, a super wide - 24 to 140 mm - 5.8 X manual zoom manufactured by Schneider-Kreuznach; a 2.5-inch, 115,000 pixel LCD monitor; and a 237,000 pixel electronic viewfinder, the P880 is aimed at users looking for more flexibility than is available with a point and shoot, short of moving to a dSLR.

Within its consumer-level line-up of digital cameras, the EasyShare P880 is the most advanced and full-feature camera that Kodak markets currently. The P880 is equipped with all the shooting modes that photography aficionados expect: it has a manually controlled optical zoom that covers from a very wide 24mm equivalent to a short 140mm telephoto; it is mated to an optional dedicated external flash; it offers a high resolution EVF and a 2.5 inch monitor; it is able to capture RAW and TIFF formats in addition to 3 levels of JPEG compression; and last but not least, it has an 8-megapixel image size."

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Digital Camera Info 8.00  11-21-05 Read Full Review
The Kodak EasyShare P880 is the flagship model of the manufacturer's new Performance Series. The 8 megapixel digital camera was announced in August 2005 and released just in time for the holiday shopping rush. With its 1/1.8-inch CCD and Kodak Color Science Chip, the P880 has SLR-like qualities while still being marketed as easy to use. While it is SLR shaped, the wide 24-140mm (equivalent) Schneider-Kreuznach 5.8x optical zoom lens cannot be taken off. The Kodak P880 also has a 2.5-inch LCD screen and an electronic viewfinder. This SLR-shaped digital camera sells for a retail price of $599, which is more than most compacts but less than even entry-level consumer DSLRs. This is exactly where Kodak wants the P880.

The Kodak EasyShare P880 is perhaps the most difficult to use of the EasyShares. It isn't incredibly difficult to figure out, but its buttons are scattered and some are stiff and hard to move. The 8 megapixel digital camera is shaped like an SLR, but has many characteristics typical of a compact model. It has a large 2.5-inch LCD screen but viewing is hindered by the low 115,000 pixel resolution. The P880 supports RAW files, but Macintosh users cannot edit them. Navigation in menus is tricky with the finicky toggle. Its burst mode is more typical of a compact than an SLR and its start-up time is definitely reminiscent of slim, less expensive EasyShare models.

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Digital Trends 7.27  11-29-05 Read Full Review
Kodak is known for selling shiploads of inexpensive digicams and printer docks. Occasionally it dips its toes in the higher end of game with models like the EasyShare One and the Performance Series that includes the 8-megapixel P880. The company used to sell a D-SLR but pulled the plug on it earlier this year after competitors Canon and Nikon blew it out of the water. The just-introduced EasyShare P880 is a fairly sophisticated digicam that rivals and in some other ways tops its competitors.

The Kodak EasyShare P880 is a digicam designed for someone who wants many D-SLR features but isn't quite ready to commit to interchangeable lens and a high price. The camera takes very good photographs. Still my biggest knock other than the few performance issues detailed is price. If this camera was around $500 or less it would be a really good deal. At $600, it's another story since it's not too far from some low-priced D-SLRs. If you're not ready to take the D-SLR plunge for an Olympus E-500 or Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D, give this one a long look - but wait for it to go on sale.

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LetsGoDigital 6.65  05-16-06 Read Full Review
Review: "Kodak tried her best to give the Kodak EasyShare P880 the looks and control of a digital SRL camera. It even seems like the Kodak P880 has an ordinary optical viewfinder, but this is just an illusion. The Kodak EasyShare P880 is armed with lots of buttons and an enjoyable big 2.5 inch screen at the back of the camera. Eye-catching is the resolution of the electronic viewfinder, which is higher than that of the big monitor. Could this be a sign?

There are reflex-like characteristics on the Kodak EasyShare P880, but the roots of a compact digital camera are still dominating. If you are looking for a digital camera with an exquisite quality at low sensitivities and a wide angle, the Kodak P880 is a good choice. Taking good pictures, just plain and simple, that is Kodak P880’s specialty."

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DPReview 6.50  01-19-06 Read Full Review
"In August 2005 Kodak announced a new class of 'advanced digital cameras' with the introduction of the P series, which it hopes will provide an alternative to entry-level DSLRs. The first two models are the EasyShare P850 (reviewed December 2005), and the camera on review here, the EasyShare P880. The 8 megapixel P880 offers a fairly unique mix of features, due in no small part to the wideangle 24-140mm equivalent 5.8x zoom. Throw in raw capture, full photographic control and a 2.5-inch screen and you have what - on paper - looks like a very compelling mix of features, though with a price tag of just under $600 it needs to impress if it's going to provide a real alternative to a digital SLR."
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Digital Camera Review 5.00  11-27-05 Read Full Review
Preview: The P880 is the flagship of Kodak's new "P" (for Performance) series. "P" series digital cameras combine performance and creative capability with Kodak's signature operational simplicity and ease of use. The P880 features 8 Megapixel resolution, an ultra-wide f/2.8-f4.1/24-140mm (35mm equivalent) SCHNEIDER-Kreuznach Variogon zoom (with manual zoom and focus rings), a large 2.5" LCD screen, RAW image file support, a 25 point hybrid AF system, a hot shoe for external flash units (like Kodak's new P20), ISO 50 sensitivity, a 1/4000th of a second top shutter speed, and a full range of exposure options (Auto, Program, 8 Scene Modes, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and full Manual modes).

The newest Easyshare digicam is obviously aimed at the prosumer marketing niche, but Kodak also touts the P880 as a capable and easy to use alternative to larger, heavier, and more expensive entry-level dSLR cameras - a camera for those who want exceptional images, but don't want to learn advanced photographic skills. Was Kodak really able to build a semi-pro digicam for the masses? Check back here in a week or so for a comprehensive (and critical) assessment in the full P880 review.

Web Site Review Score Date Added Go To Review
DCResource 1.00  12-26-05 Read Full Review
"The EasyShare P880 is not your typical Kodak camera. Yes, it's still easy to use, and sharing photos is a snap, but this Kodak camera also has an 8 Megapixel CCD, impressive 24 - 140 mm lens, full manual controls, large LCD, two ways to attach an external flash, and much more. With a street price in the low $500 range, the P880 offers a whole lot of camera for relatively little money - and thus it earns my recommendation.

Where most "wide-angle" cameras have lenses starting at 27 or 28 mm, the P880 is one of only three cameras with a 24 mm lens. If you take interior or landscape photos then you'll love this lens! Thankfully Kodak didn't skimp on the telephoto power, as this 5.8X zoom goes all the way to 140 mm. This lens covers a wider range than anything in its class."

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CNET Reviews -----  12-21-05 Read Full Review
"Cameras made for advanced amateurs are often tuned for capturing high-quality images quickly and easily, and they're stripped of extraneous gimmicks, such as an overabundance of scene modes. The 8-megapixel Kodak EasyShare P880, at the top of the company's flagship Performance Series, offers a wide-angle zoom lens, as well as design elements, features, and specs that place the camera in that category but delivers them in an uneven and frequently disappointing implementation. "
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PC Magazine -----  01-27-06 Read Full Review
"The P880 has an 8-megapixel sensor and a Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon lens with a 5.8X optical zoom (a 35mm equivalent of 24mm to 140mm) and corresponding maximum f-stops of f/2.8 to f/4.1. This is an enthusiast camera, which we define in our buyers' guide as a full-size model that cost more than a compact and offers more precise controls, better lenses, and more features.

The Kodak EasyShare P880 ($599.95 list) has some fancy features and good video capabilities, but it falls short on the basics. There's noticeable shutter lag, the quality of its flash shots is uninspiring, and pictures are not as sharp as those from other cameras in its class."

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