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Ricoh GR Digital Review

Review Summary
Reader Score: 7.17 (out of 10)
"The GR Digital stands out for a number of things. The most obvious one is the lens. Not a zoom lens but one with a fixed focus equivalent to 28mm on a 35mm camera, offering a real wide angle. And it's not just a standard wide angle. Ricoh has put in a lot of time and effort to develop this lens. It was supposed to have at least the quality of the analogue GR. Not an easy task because the real focal length of the GR Digital is a lot smaller, besides short focal lengths are very awkward to design.

The Ricoh GR-D will not become a mass product nor is it meant to be that by Ricoh. The Ricoh GR Digital will get its very own status, a camera designed for the enthusiast, the photographer that highly appreciates a quality lens like the GR wide angle and who is prepared to adjust him/herself to the camera. Who ever starts working with the GR Digital will sooner or later start loving the camera. It is a fantastically nice digital camera to work with and to carry with you wherever you go. You will get addicted to the outstanding lens, the wide angle possibilities and you will wonder why no other camera has such an excellent lens. The GR Digital is a superb and exceptional camera. Absolutely a must for the enthusiast!"

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Other Reviews For This Model

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DigiCam Review 10.00  02-22-06 Read Full Review
"Announced on the 13th of Septemer 05, the Ricoh GR Digital is a unique 8 megapixel digital camera with a fixed 28mm equivelant wide angle lens - a digital version of the popular and highly regarded Ricoh GR1 35mm film camera - a camera popular because it offered SLR camera quality in a pocket sized camera. The camera features ISO settings from ISO64 up to ISO1600, and allows you to shoot in RAW.

This camera is difficult to recommend due to poor value for money and it's lack of optical zoom. However, if image quality is a priority and you've been looking for a rugged wide-angle compact digital camera, with the option of a very high quality optical viewfinder, and optional ultra-wide angle convertor, then this could be the camera for you!"

Web Site Review Score Date Added Go To Review
Rants, Inc. 9.00  05-01-06 Read Full Review
Review: "The Ricoh GR-D is probably not one of those cameras that you would put in your short list of choices when buying a new digital camera, regardless whether you're a casual snapshooter, a serious amateur, or a professional photographer. The design of the camera is quite odd in such a way that there seems to be no clear target consumer for the camera. However, as you would read through this review, I will make clear of that defined target consumer for the camera and explain how Ricoh has successfully captured that small market.

It's hard to objectively describe what a "well-designed user interface" is since each user has a definition of one. However, I’ll be bold enough to say that the GR-D’s user interface design is reason enough to buy the camera. The user interface is so well-designed that up to this day I haven't had the need to open the camera manual.

No camera is perfect. And when you are speaking of professional capabilities in a small package, that perfection is even harder to achieve. Ricoh has made the step in the right direction with the release of the GR-D, it has the features of the most advanced SLR in a small package without compromising a lot of the quality of the images it produces. No doubt that it has many flaws (with the slow buffer as the biggest), but its shining quailities far outweighs them, and I have nothing but the highest recommendation for GR-D, and I will be waiting for the next iteration, hoping it would surpass the feature set that the current GR-D has today. Sign me up for Ricoh GR-D Mark II!"

Web Site Review Score Date Added Go To Review
DPReview 8.40  08-21-06 Read Full Review
Review: "Announced almost a year ago - and rumored for a long time before - the GR Digital was always going to be something of a niche product. Described as a 'professional grade high resolution compact' the GR Digital echoes the design and ethos of the popular and very highly regarded GR series of film compacts and is unusual in having a fixed 28mm equivalent F2.4 lens and full photographic control.

A niche product, and one that Ricoh should be applauded for designing in a market stuffed with 'me too' cameras, but one that its hard to wholeheartedly recommend. If it had breathtaking image quality the price would be irrelevant, but as it stands you're paying nearly as much as a Nikon D50 outfit for the camera (and a lot more if you include the optical viewfinder), and a lot more than you would for one of the several excellent compacts on the market with a zoom starting at 28mm. If you consider the slimness and superb manual control worth the money, you'll love it. For everyone else it's a lot harder to justify."

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Trusted Reviews 8.00  04-29-06 Read Full Review
Review: "Anyone who's looked into buying a digital camera recently will have noticed that the biggest defining characteristic of the range of cameras on offer is conformity. Every manufacturer's range is pretty much exactly like that of their competitors in terms of size, specification and price. In a market dominated by mid-range 3x zoom 6MP compacts, it's a brave company indeed that breaks the mould and launches something completely original. However with the introduction of the GR Digital, Ricoh has done exactly that.

Performance is extremely good, with the camera capable of starting up and taking a focused picture in under two seconds. A shot-to-shot time of 1.7 seconds isn't particularly fast, but it can keep this rate up until the memory card is full, which is pretty cool. The supplied battery is a big 1150mAh Li-ion rechargeable, which lasted for a whole day's shooting, however uniquely it can also accept two AAA-sized batteries thanks to a clever sprung panel in the battery compartment. Using the accessory viewfinder with the monitor off will also greatly extend battery life.

Ricoh has produced something unique, a compact camera that will satisfy even the most demanding enthusiast. Its combination of compact portability, robust build quality, superb handling, creative control and fantastic picture quality should make it a firm favourite among keen photographers, especially the travel photographers who loved the original GR film camera. An expensive camera, especially for the whole kit, but well worth the money."

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