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Samsung Digimax V700 Review

Review Summary
Reader Score: 8.00 (out of 10)
Samsung is not a front-rank player in the digital camera market, but it would certainly like to be. Every time I've attended a Samsung press briefing, I've had to sit through a long Powerpoint presentation describing its corporate strategy for the next 12 months, and how this year it's definitely going to overtake Sony as the worldwide number one camera manufacturer. It hasn't managed it yet, and frankly I don't think it's going to any time soon. It's a shame really, because the Digimax V700, like most of Samsung's recent models, is a good camera at a very reasonable price, and certainly deserves to sell better that it's probably going to.

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3DAccelerated.com 10.00  06-06-05 Read Full Review
So, is Samsung a real threat to take over the digital camera market? With the V700 we would have to say no. While the V700 offers a plethora of options, Samsung's attempt to hide its weaknesses by flooding you with tons of features didn't sneak past us. There are some promising aspects of the V700 however. In many cases the V700 is just as good as other 7 mega pixel cameras priced significantly lower. It has superb image quality as well as being coupled with a strong good quality lens. This is a great camera for the average point and shoot user who doesn't go too into detail and tweaking.
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Digital Camera Review 9.00  07-06-05 Read Full Review
The V700 is a good digital camera and an exceptional value. Features abound, including ones usually reserved for high-end cameras: Exposure, focus bracketing spot, multi metering, TIFF images, adjustable sharpness, RGB sliders, and a live histogram. Image quality is generally good; the lens is optically excellent but the in-camera processing renders photos a little bit too sharp and contrasty. In addition, noise is above average although the grain (speckling) is fine grained, making it tolerable even at high ISOs. The only big issue is the slow response time, even if you partially depress the shutter in preparation for a shot. If you can live with this, it's a fine choice for an individual or family as a general-purpose camera, especially one that can generate big (11" x 14" and bigger) prints.
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DPReview 8.14  05-24-05 Read Full Review
Introduced at the start of 2005, the Digimax V700 is Samsung's second attempt to break into the top end of the compact market with a feature-packed yet very keenly-priced 7 megapixel model, and the first to be available worldwide. Samsung, one of the world's largest manufacturers of everything from heavy industrial machinery to TFT screens, dishwashers, mobile phones and of course, cameras. Despite some success in the 35mm compact camera boom, Samsung's seemingly many, many attempts to crack the digital camera market have proved less successful (not helped by the fact that there are so many models in its range, many only available in certain parts of the world). So is the V700 - a direct competitor to models such as Canon's S70 and the Pentax 750Z - the camera to finally put Samsung firmly on the map as a serious contender? At first glance it certainly looks promising.
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Megapixel 6.50  05-27-05 Read Full Review
The newly released Samsung Digimax V700, a 7-megapixel model, can be purchased in a 2-tone silver finish as shown here, in red or in a deep blue. Designed with a compact and rounded shape, the V700's body is mostly made of plastic, accented by a couple of metallic surfaces. Three controls protrude from the top right side. The first is the power button, which is almost flush to the top of the camera to prevent it from being turned on accidentally when it slipped into a pouch.
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CNET Reviews 6.00  07-08-05 Read Full Review
Anyone buying a large-megapixel camera that has the advantage of point-and-shoot simplicity and price these days will find a number of options but one common factor: they all cut corners somewhere to keep the price accessible. The Samsung Digimax V700, one of the company's two 7-megapixel offerings in this category, does so by skimping almost everywhere except for its design. The result? An attractive, pocketable, and relatively inexpensive snapshot camera that's a little too slow for action shots or dimly lit subjects and a little too soft on focus.
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PC Magazine -----  08-18-05 Read Full Review
Samsung has been bold recently, laying out plans to penetrate the digital camera market and position itself among the leaders, up with Canon, Nikon, and Sony. But it certainly won't get there making mediocre cameras like the 7.1-megapixel Digimax V700. Given the problems we found in testing and using this compact, the V700 falls far short of its competition.
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