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Batch Processing RAW Images in Photoshop CS

Published by:  DigitalMediaDesigner
Tutorial Preview:

I've been shooting with the Canon Digital Rebel camera for a few months now and up until just recently, I was shooting exclusively in the JPEG file format, because in part, I was familiar with the format, and because of storage limitations, I didn't feel the need to shoot in the RAW file format that the Digital Rebel supports. On a recent trip to Hawaii, I chose to shoot in the RAW file format for the first time after reading some excellent books on Photoshop, (Photoshop CS for Digital Photographers and Adobe Photoshop CS: The Art of Photographing Women), detailing why those of us who have cameras that support RAW, should use it.
A Quick Intro to Layers by PhotoshopElementsUser
Learn how to create a simple collage using multiple images and layers. This tutorial is designed for Adobe Photoshop Elements but works equally
Removing Wrinkles with Photoshop Elements 3.0 by Apogee Photo
This is a great trick for removing wrinkles, with a little twist at the end (courtesy of my buddy Kevin Ames) that helps make the technique
Learn to remove color fringing from your photographs by MackayPhotography
Removing color fringing from an image is very simple in Photoshop. This process using the Lab colour mode and blur tool can also be used with
Make Grafitti with Adobe Photoshop by Worth1000
This 6-page tutorial is very simple. The goal? To add "grafitti," at least a digital form of it, to your photographs.
Getting Started With Curves by TakeGreatPictures
There is a certain mystique about the Curves control in Photoshop. If you have mastered Curves, you are looked upon as a Photoshop guru. If
Create a sketched effect in PS from a photo by Worth1000.com
Basically, I wanted to find a way to create a sketched effect in Photoshop. It can be adapted in many ways toward the end to change the effect
The 1-2-3 of Photoshop Levels to Optimize Photos by Earthboundlight
So, you're trying to learn how to optimize your photos in Photoshop. Nothing radical, of course. Basically just the digital equivalent of what
Create a Studio Backdrop using Photoshop by Photoshop User
The following complimentary tutorial is just a small sample of the help you'll receive on a regular basis as a NAPP member. Join NAPP now and
Removing Red-Eye and Whitening Teeth by CottageArts.net
Chances are, you have a few photos with red eyes in them. If you use a flash, it is almost impossible to avoid. This tutorial steps you through
Black & White High Key Effects in Photoshop by ePhotoZine
The famous high key effect is one of the most interesting, yet simple, effects you can achieve in digital photography and there are many ways
How to Become an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop by NY Institute of Photography
If Photoshop is your business, becoming an ACE sets you apart from other Photoshop users. If you're looking for a new job, it tells prospective
Creating a Torn Edge Using Adobe Photoshop by CottageArts.net
There are numerous ways to create a 'torn' edge. This is just one method to create this look at the right.

This method words in Adobe Photoshop

Digital Infrared Photography Tutorial by Nature Photography Central
Use this how-to guide to find out how to use Channel Mixer to achieve surreal colorcasts in your digital infrared photos
Product Shot Spotlight Effect by PhotoshopUser
This is one of those techniques that you pull out of the hat when you need a quick, dramatic effect to show off a boring product shot. The great
Separating Color Areas from Black and White by PictureCorrect
This tutorial is to help you learn how to make certain spots color after you have converted a color photo to black and white.
Introduction to Camera Raw by O'Reilly
Adobe's Camera Raw is arguably the most popular RAW-format converter available today. In this video, Deke McClelland introduces you to this
Creating a Selective Blur in Photoshop by Apogee Photo

"There are times that our photo is more effective when everything is not tack sharp. Sometimes we may need
Dodging and Burning by Apogee Photo
Here's a variation to the edge burn using the "Multiply" blending mode, and also an effective strategy for local burning and dodging using adjustment
Introduction to the Variations Color Correction Tool in Photoshop by O'Reilly
The link to the Variations dialog box resides at the bottom of Photoshop's Adjustments drop-down menu. Maybe you've never ventured that far
How To Resize Images And Maintain Sharpness by Photoshop Support
You have a nice big beautiful photo. It is gorgeous. But you need it much, much smaller, and by the time the file is down to the right size,
Creating Surreal Digital Effects in Photoshop by Digit
Stop just enhancing reality and start subverting it with our guide to surreal digital effects in Photoshop. Part one: the end of the rainbow.
Dodging and Burning in Photoshop by DPChallenge
I think two of the most misunderstood tools found in most editing programs are the dodge and burn brushes. Too many people don’t use them at
An Introduction to Photoshop Scripting by Digital Outback Photo
"Photoshop provides a number of tools that aid in automating many tasks involved in image editing. This article provides an introduction to
Red Eye Removal using Paint Shop Pro by ePhotozine
If you've ever used your camera indoors to photograph friends, relatives or colleagues you will most likely have come across the problem of
Advanced Pattern Overlay by PixelAddiction
With this tutorial I will explain the techniques I used in creating the image "Amaricion Eagle". (Not misspelled)

There are many techniques

Turning Color into Black & White by Apogee Photo
There are several ways to turn a color photographic scan into a black and white image in Photoshop so, since the results are often image dependent,
Creating a Chrome Effect in Photoshop by Absolute Cross
This tutorial will show you how to add a cool-looking chrome effect to shapes or text.
Learn How to Automate Photoshop Routines by O'Reilly Digital Media
If you find yourself repeating the same tasks in Photoshop, it's time to learn how to write a Photoshop action.

You can automate many

Free Video Lesson: Fixing Perspective in Photoshop by Rickspixelmagic
Rick Sammons, author of 22 books on photography, has just introduce new 3-minute video tutorials to help you learn Adobe Photoshop Elements
Contrast Masking in Photoshop by DigitalCameraHelp.com
Contrast masking is a very useful image editing technique to adjust the brightness and contrast in an image. It's done on a separate layer,
Advanced Color Correction with Levels by NAPP
This technique is a contrast/tone and color correction technique all in one. Once you run through this technique, you will see how just about
Photoshop-CS, A Super New Version by Apogee Photo
As soon as one hears that Adobe has a new version of Photoshop(R) out, their first thoughts are; "What new features does this one have," as
Photo Restoration by PictureCorrect
This section is to help you learn how to restore old photos that have chips, scratches, ink spills, or just things that you don't want in the
Separate a Subject from it's Background by PictureCorrect
This tutorial is to help you learn how to separate a subject or object from it's surroundings in order to create more serious effects without
Hand-Coloring B&W Photos with Photoshop CS by Shuttertalk
Just before Christmas I scanned a heap of old family photos, including many black and white ones containing my parents and grandparents when
Create a Blur Frame in Photoshop by PhotographyCorner
While there are various ways to create a blur frame, this particular tutorial will walk you through the easiest way to do it in Photoshop 7
Photoshop for Photographers by Luminous-Landscape
There are numerous third-party books on Photoshop but most are filled with unnecessary and confusing information aimed at non-photographers.
Selective Focus with Photoshop by EZ Learn Photography
Selective focus is one of the main techniques used by professionals to simplify their photographs and focus attention on the intended subject
Colorizing a Black & White Image (Video) by Photoshopuser
This NAPP Free video tutorial covers the basics of colorizing a black & white image using Adobe Photoshop.
Making a Signature Brush in Photoshop by Digital Outback Photo
It used to be I'd matte, mount and frame a print for sale and then authenticate the print by signing the matte in pencil. If I was selling the

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