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Make Popart Photos Using Adobe Photoshop

by Luv2help on YouTube

In this free video tutorial provided by Luv2Help.com we will show you how to change your photos into pop art style images using Adobe Photoshop. Goto http://www.luv2help.com/ for high resolution viewing and more free video tutorials.


Rebuilding a Damaged Photo

Published by:  ephotozine
Tutorial Preview:

There are often times when either a damaged or badly composed picture needs part of the subject rebuilding digitally. In this photograph, kindly supplied by member Michelle Sandham (Nyx), Dave Ellison (mad-dogs) uses his Photoshop skills to complete part of a person that was cropped off too tightly.
Sharpen Your Photos For Display by Photoxels
Most of us upload our pictures or print them the way they were captured by our digital cameras. We read and hear of a post-processing technique
Correcting Blown Out Highlights in Digital Images by Photographic
The advantages of digital technology over film are many, but no one can ever say that digital cameras are easier to use. The learning curve
Dodging and Burning by Trusted Reviews
Adobe Photoshop has a number of functions that duplicate traditional darkroom printing techniques. Among these are tools for "dodging" and "burning".
Optimizing Contrast by TakeGreatPictures.com
One of the qualities of an image that tends to define good quality is contrast. It most certainly isn't the only factor that determines overall
Noise Reduction by Good-Tutorials
Image noise can compromise the level of detail in your digital or film photos, and so reducing this noise can greatly enhance your final image
Classic Caricactures by DCMAG.co.uk
Traditionally, the art of the caricature has been the domain of the illustrator or cartoonist. But take a look at the tools within Photoshop
Spot be Gone: Cloning for Nature Photographers by Outdoor Photographer
This past summer, I saw the late-afternoon landscape reproduced here. I loved the light, the contrast of the river and its green trees with
Monochrome from Color by Trusted Reviews
For this tutorial I have used Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0, however the methods and tools that I have used are common to many other image editing
Editing Your Photos by Vivid Light Photography
I you learn only one thing from reading this series of articles please learn this: You will never be completely happy with your digital
Raw Power: Using Raw Digital Files by About.com
This feature looks at some of the issues involved in shooting raw digital files and takes a close look at two of the best software packages
Using RAW Files by About.com
This feature looks at some of the issues involved in shooting raw digital files and takes a close look at two of the best software packages
Photo Enhancement 101 by RaymondShay
These are the basic steps in image enhancement. Almost every image you’ll see in print will have had these basic steps performed. Granted, some
Grunge Style Layer Tutorial by ePhotozine
This tutorial by Takui Neko teaches you how he uses his Photoshop blending skills to add a grunge style look to your photographs.
Image Editing Tutorial - Make Your Own Postcards by Trusted Reviews
For this tutorial I have used Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0, however the methods and tools that I have used are common to many other image editing
Sizing an Image: Simple Solutions to a Confusing Problem by TakeGreatPictures.com
One of the more potentially confusing aspects of images coming from a digital camera is the size of the image. "Size" can mean a few different
Combine two photographs to make ONE Photo by Adorama Academy
On a beautiful Sunday every June, all of the Italian car clubs in Colorado gather in impressive annual car show called Automezzi. (www.automezzicolorado.org).
Say Goodbye to Noise with the Noise Reduction Filter in Photoshop CS2 by Connected Photographer
Creating a "noiseless" image is easier than you might think with the Photoshop CS Noise Reduction Filter. But you may wonder how and why your
Reducing Low-Light Noise in Digital Images by Photo.net
This article is about a method of reducing noise in images taken with digital cameras - especially long exposure and/or high ISO images taken
Introduction to the clone tool by Digicamhelp
The clone tool is one of the most important tools in your image editing toolbox, but it is often misunderstood. People talk of cloning this
Most Valuable Layers by Popular Photography
Editing images without layers is like baking a cake without eggs: you can do it but it won’t be easy, and it will probably come out a bit flat.
Correcting Lens Distortion by About.com
Lens design has been important for photography since its beginnings. Fortunately lenses had been designed for optical instruments such as telescopes
Using Multiple Exposures to Recreate Reality by Cameratown
The ability to take double-exposures with a film camera came from the desire to achieve effects otherwise impossible. Combining two or more
Layer Photos for Special Effects by PC World
Digital photography gives us the ability to get creative and manipulate reality. Recently, someone told me that my car would looks great if
Digital Image Sharpening by Wake Forest University
All digital images need to be sharpened. This is not related to the 'sharpness' of film images -- I'm assuming that you used a sharp lens, focused
Color to Black & White Conversion by RaymondShay
This article discusses one, of many, methods to convert color digital photographs to black and white properly ("Properly", means achieving the
Un-Cropping: The Ideal Canvas Fix by Shootsmarter
This article is free but does require registration on their site (which is also free). "For those of us who used to shoot with a Mamiya 6x7
Fix Photos with Image Editing Software by Microsoft
Image editing is the process of adjusting a photo to improve its appearance. Many image editing software packages are available for your Windows
More Ways to Edit Photo Backgrounds by PC World
It all started out innocently enough. I brought my camera to the beach to take pictures of friends and family, and I captured some interesting
Hand Coloring B/W Photographs by NormanKoren
This tutorial takes you through the steps of taking an old sepia-tone photograph and turning into a hand-painted portrait.
What are Layers? by CottageArts.net
Layers are one of the most useful features when using digital imaging software. There are many packages that use layer functionality, some
Adding A Diffuse Glow To Your Images by Luminous-Landscape
I was looking at some of the recent work of Michael Reichmann. I was struck by one of the photos from a fair in Seville. Michael added a diffuse
Developing Photos that "Pop" by Digital Photo Outback
When faced with a dull, muddy picture, you might be tempted to reach for the Brightness and Contrast control. Most pros advise against its use
Shooting and Adding Digital Skies by ePhotozine
It's surprising how a collection of sky photographs can come in handy when you have dull looking image that needs salvaging. In this article
Organizing Digital Images by eDigitalPhoto.com
People who use digital cameras tend to shoot more images than when they had to pay for film and processing, but management and organization
Adding Dynamic Range to Any Digital Camera by Ken Rockwell
The biggest technical limitation to today's digital and video cameras is their horrible highlight overload characteristics.

I get a little

Removing Halo Effects from Strongly Sharpened Images by CameraHobby.com
This writer has always had a strong interest in the image sharpening process and recently published on this web site, at the kind invitation

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